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I was man I was rock
I was rock in man man in rock
I was bird in the air space in the bird
I was flower in the frost river in the sun
Carbuncle in the dew

Paul Eluard, Mes heures
The Three Bees

The Estate

The Estate covers over 12 hectares in the heart of the Scheto Valley, site of the ancient castle township of Semifonte. The current property was purchased in 1981. From 2008 until 2010, it was fully upgraded through various projects to enhance the local environment and countryside.

By employing Naturalistic Architecture techniques, a unique complex has been created in sync with the geographical features of the landscape surrounding the “Tre Api” Country Resort.

Human know-how has been skillfully combined with nature in order to transform the entire Scheto Valley into a BioPark that harmoniously interweaves the historic buildings, the park, the new swimming pool area, the botanical garden, the Monache Woods, the sports field, hiking trails, equipment for producing extra virgin olive oil, fruit, vegetables, spices and aromatic plants.