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Let me live so that the tree lose not its leaves,
so that the heart of water may go on beating,
so that daylight may return.

Paul Eluard
Scheto Valley


All of our farming activities aim to emphasize and enrich the terrain's natural resources and vegetation.

The farmland covers over 12 hectares and mostly consists of olive groves for extra-virgin olive oil production. Other crops include vegetables, fruit, aromatic and medicinal plants, flowers, and trees.

The various types of farming take place in the area surrounding the farmhouses and along the banks of the Agliena Stream.

The agricultural methods used are natural and organic. The farming activities are based on garden art and landscape culture, and interwoven with the local topography.

This interchange between know-how and nature has engendered the Monache forest and olive groves, the field of green asparagus, the Ramius botanical garden, the orchard, bird watching, aromatic plants, and the multi-use court for volleyball and tennis.

In the valley's center is the swimming pool, immersed in green and surrounded by the hills of Semifonte, Magliano, Tavarnelle and Barberino.

The exquisite silence, scents and colors of the different seasons are an ideal setting for the simple enjoyment of life's pleasures.