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Happy is he who has his own enduring places!
Even if hurled faraway with no chance of return, he will never be an exile.

Peter Handke, Gedicht an die Dauer
The Three Bees

Club House

We are currently launching the Club House option, which provides members with the entire farmhouse and an opportunity to enjoy:

"my Chianti country home all for myself, family and friends. For weekends or private parties. For my rendezvous or business meetings. To grow fruit and vegetables, and make extra virgin olive oil for my son. To do my hobbies and have a safe place for my dog. Maybe even to set up a small practice golf course and a log cabin so I can tinker around or just relax in the verdant valley".

To join the Club House, please request a personal membership card. We offer two types:

The Silver Card has an annual fee of 250,00.
The Gold Card has an annual fee of 400,00.

The membership card is for family use and valid for one year from the date of issue. For further information, click on Contact to fill out the request form.

For the entire 2009 season, all guests who stay a minimum of 5 nights will receive the Silver Card free of charge, and it remains valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Scheto Club House is an affiliate of ARCI (Associazione Culturale Ricreativa Italiana), the Florence branch of the Italian Recreational Culture Association.