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There is a creative delight in the activity of gardening.
You can shape a piece of earth any way you wish.

Hermann Hesse, Wanderung

Ramius Botanical Garden

The botanical garden lies in the heart of the valley, and is based on a 15th century design of a Florentine garden at the time of the Medici.

Ramius was the name of the Meremma Sheepdog, our "guardian of the valley" who died in January 2008.

The garden sprawls over 5000 mē in an elliptic design that encompasses 12 circles, each of which harbors a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees typical of the Tuscan-Mediterranean habitat.

The central circle is twice the size of the others, and contains nine cypresses (the planets of our solar system) surrounded by juniper bushes, a.k.a. Juniperus Prostrata.

Other sections of the garden include sage, rosemary, cistus, heather, St John's wort, laurel, privet, santolina, photinia, helichrysum, broom, arbutus, rosa canina, lavender, etc.