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Though we are not so bent on achieving an orderly vision of the world, we can nevertheless hope to retrieve the deep and sometimes unknown delight in the enjoyable side of life.
If this were not so, we'd risk losing track of the underlying reasons, which are often the simplest, of our existence.
That's why for us, the Piccolo Teatro del Carbone is a vote of confidence and commitment in a future of hope where all beings can express themselves and sing out with total freedom.

Davide Rubbini, Architect

Carbone Theater

During the Middle Ages, the inns dotted along the Via Francigena would sometimes transform into street theaters, with shows by traveling troupes of actors, musicians, dancers and puppeteers.

The inns, obviously furnished with tables and chairs for supping and beer-drinking, would offer an evening of food and entertainment as a "package deal".

We wished to recreate that long-ago atmosphere and give a whiff of the performers and poets who stopped by in the area, such as the celebrated Giovanni Boccaccio and Andrea da Barberino.

In much the same spirit, we've been reviving this thousand-year-old tradition by putting on shows and other leisurely activities through our in-house cultural association "Scheto Club House".

The miniature theater "Piccolo Teatro del Carbone" is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Francesco Carbone, whose portrait has been painted by Tuscan artist Ademaro Bardelli in an extraordinary act of homage.

The theater was designed and constructed in the restored 17th century hay loft and inaugurated in December 2006.