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Empty your mind of all thoughts.
Let your heart be at peace.
Watch the turmoil of beings,
but contemplate their return.

Flora and Fauna
Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna

We are deeply committed to protecting and enhancing the natural environment of the The Three Bees.

Da oltre 15 anni in tutta la Valle non vengono usati antiparassitari o fitofarmaci, ma unicamente prodotti per l'agricoltura biologica.

For over 15 years now, the area has been free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers; only bio-organic products are used. Along the hillside roads and the restored banks of the Agliena Stream, various footpaths have been cleared, reaching up to the hills of Barberino Val d'Elsa, Magliano and Semifonte-Petrognano.

As a result of these measures, over the years the valley has seen the repopulation of numerous species of mammals and of sedentary and migratory birds. There has also been a radical augmentation in the biodiversity of spontaneous and seasonal vegetation.

Going for walks in the Scheto Valley is a feast for the senses.

As a symbol for this passionate dedication, in the heart of the valley we have designed and planted a botanical garden, the "Orto Botanico di Ramius".